Why Me?

Living with chronic pain can be one of the most agonizing experiences of a lifetime. Chronic pain can seem inescapable. It affects our entire body. Even with the help of medications or treatments, we find ourselves plagued with the return of the all-too-familiar symptoms.

Over time, our pain affects our mind and spirit, as well as our body. It comes to dictate and actually control our lives—defining what we can or can't do, shaping time into 'good' or 'bad' days, and putting strain on personal relationships. We eventually lose touch with who we are, becoming plagued with guilt, resentment, anger and eventually, depression.

The greatest loss is our loss of hope and our belief that we will get better—that things can change. This elusive change is actually the process of healing. This process is defined not by time, but by a sequence of transformations that are unique to each individual, but with shared characteristics.

A Shared Understanding
Our goal at The Myofascial Therapy Center is to empower you to take charge of your healing experience by helping you to learn and explore this process and by guiding you through an integrated experience dedicated to transformation, self-exploration, connection and wholeness.

Understanding that this is a shared experience is one of the first steps we take. By seeing our process as a journey with steps along the way, we can also believe that there is an end and that we can affect our outcome as we experience and celebrate our progress along the way.

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The Healing Journey
Over time, we all move through the stages of healing. The first stage is the Initial Awareness of Pain or Dysfunction. This is followed over time by the second stage, where Pain Becomes Dominant and seems to control our lives. Many of our clients come to us at this stage in the process. They may have only begun to experience this as a chronic condition, or they may have been in this cycle for months or years.

The third stage, Pain is a Messenger, is an incredibly empowering, though often emotional experience: This is the point at which they may realize that their physical pain and symptoms carry a message to their mind and spirit. Here the real work of healing begins.

This marks the beginning of the fourth stage, which we call Transformation. This is an intensely personal experience with heightened awareness and optimism balanced with the continuous process of listening to our bodies as we seek a deeper level of understanding.

The fifth stage we call Independence in which our clients begin the process, at their own pace, of separating themselves from the week-to-week support of the clinic. Our clients often remain close to us, keeping in touch over the years as part of our extended family.

Exploring the Process
We all go through this process at our own pace, but we do share common emotional experiences. These experiences range from exploring what Transformation means for you, to understanding and reflecting upon your growth and inner wisdom.

Exploring these experiences can be both rewarding and helpful in the process. To that end, we have created this interactive experience and invite you to come in and explore The Healing Journey. This has also been designed to work with the Journal to Wellness for exploring your ideas. If you are a current client, we invite you to bring your thoughts, new awareness and desired focus to your individual treatment sessions.