Our clients who have taken up meditation have often shared with us the profound impact the practice has had on their lives and their health.

There are many types of meditation. At the Center, we have instructors certified by Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center for Well Being to practice and teach Primordial Sound Meditation. Like our creating health class, Primordial Sound Meditation is part of the ancient yoga tradition of India. It is a mantra-based technique, and mantra is simply the vehicle used to quiet thoughts and deepen inner awareness. As we have learned from Deepak Chopra, this technique that allows us to rediscover the quietness within. It is in this place of silence, where we are not imprisoned by our internal dialogue or thoughts of the future, that we rediscover who we really are and restore the memory of wholeness and perfection that lies hidden deep within each of us.

The Primordial Sound Meditation course is conducted in two parts. The first class is an introduction to the basic principles and purpose of meditation and the use of mantras. This portion of the course includes a video lecture by Deepak Chopra. The second session is initially conducted privately, where participants receive their personal mantras followed by a practice 30-minute meditation and a discussion on intergrating meditation into daily life. The session closes with group meditation and an additional Deepak Chopra video communication developed specifically for this course.

Graduates of the course are welcome to join future Primordial Sound Meditation classes, and can participate in our group meditation practice.

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