Yoga is an ancient tradition of art, science and philosophy that has been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. It is a form of meditation and exercise that uses physical and breathing techniques to develop awareness, stability and health.

Yoga exercises involve listening to the inner intelligence of your body. They can make your muscles firmer, but they also release constriction in the connective tissue between the muscles. Yoga makes your bones healthier and stronger and your body more flexible and powerful. It can also help keep you free from disease by strengthening your immune system, and can help you learn and incorporate better habits of movement and better ways manage stress.

We offer classes in a six week series. Each class lasts about 75 minutes and is limited to no more than five people, to ensure personal attention from the instructor. Drop-ins are welcome when space is available.

Other classes that incorporate movement are Feldenkrais and Pilates.