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Visceral manipulation addresses the large organs in the interior body cavities. When you're in optimal health, the relationship between your organs (viscera) and your muscles, bones and connective tissue is consistent, no matter what movements you make. But when one organ isn't in harmony with its surrounding viscera, it works against all the body's organs and structures. This disharmony creates points of tension that your body is forced to work around.

Visceral manipulation is a gentle, hands-on therapy that evaluates the viscera (the heart, liver, intestines and other internal organs) to locate and alleviate these abnormal points of tension.

The therapy encourages normal mobility, tone and motion in the viscera and their connective tissues. Therapists use the rhythmic motions of the visceral system to evaluate how abnormal forces interplay, overlap and affect normal body forces at work. Gentle manipulation can improve the functioning of individual organs, the systems the organs function within, and the structural integrity of the entire body.

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